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"My heart has always been drawn to the wonders of childbirth"

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Zaina Keeley CPM, LM

My journey to midwifery started in 1999.  I was privileged to attend a wonderful homebirth of a friend.  As the photographer, I was front and center for  the whole miraculous event. Barely into my twenties and the first real exposure to birth.  A spark was lit in my heart.  I knew that I wanted to help women and their families during this sacred life event.  

I started apprenticing not long after with that same midwife. I had two beautiful children over the next few years,  both born at home with a midwife in a relaxed and loving environment while being supported by my absolutely amazing husband. It was important to me to give them my full attention while they were young. However, I kept studying the sacred path of midwifery and gained valuable experience apprenticing with several different midwives.  I also became a doula over this time. In 2012, I finished my Certified Professional Midwife, CPM, degree. 

I have attended woman in many different settings, from home to birth center and in the hospital, and with different midwives from across the country.  I am also a Licensed Midwife, LM, with the state of Virginia and have had the privilege of participating in workshops with Ina May Gaskin at her Midwifery Center in Tennessee.  Continuing to seek out Midwives and practitioners, I am always adding to my knowledge and expertise. My home is now in Camp Hill, Pa.  I hope to have the honor of assisting you in your Sacred
journey of family and Motherhood.


Erin Henninger, Student Midwife

Even as a young girl, I was drawn to the wonders of sisterhood, motherhood, and babies. I can recall secretly devouring countless episodes of TLC's "A Baby Story" and dreaming of becoming an obstetrician one day.


To me, a woman's body was powerful, creative, the picture of strength, and endlessly inspiring as she birthed her baby. I craved to share a room in her birthing space. As I grew older, the thought of medical school seemed daunting and sometimes impersonal.


I explored other interests, receiving an A.A. in Ceramic Arts. Still feeling a bit lost and wide open, I began to remember my deep passion for mothers and babies. I read endlessly about all things birth, completed a certification as a lactation educator, and became inspired by the work of doulas and midwives. Their work felt like a refreshing and beautiful way to support women during their pregnancy and birth.


During this time, I unexpectedly experienced the tragedy of ectopic pregnancy and the loss of my baby. This grief solidified my place to be with women. I wanted to be guiding support as they cradled their babies within. I wanted to bear witness to their lioness bodies as they roared their little ones earth-side.

In 2017, my sister-in-law invited me to support her during the birth of her son. My first attended birth. This proved to be the most humbling human experience I had ever had. Her transformation from maiden to mother was breathtaking; it was a holy moment. With tears rolling down my cheek, midwifery softly called.


In early 2019, feeling like the stars aligned just perfectly, Zaina and I crossed paths and I began apprenticing. It has been the greatest honor to be learning under her and from all the families we serve.

"Zaina brought a calm, loving and deep presence to my son's birth. Her understanding and trust in the natural opening of birth is expressed in her presence she shares which allowed me to feel safe to let go into my experience of birthing. ​ She kept me close to the natural rhythms and waves moving within my body, helped me keep my awareness and calm by trusting myself, my body and my baby.


She helped me open to an experience that empowered and birthed me as a mother and safely brought my babe into this world. She is the only person I could ever imagine by my side in birth. She is a wealth of knowledge before, after and during birth. She is love and joy and assists others to birth within love and joy." ​   

 -Beth Kilmore

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