"Birth is one of the most Sacred moments of your life.  

It is my passion to ensure that you have your baby, your way"

Relax in Your Own Home

 ​​"I can say without question if my wife is expecting again Zaina will be getting a phone call from us. Neither of us could imagine having another baby without her being present.  I completely trust her skills and judgement as a Certified Professional Midwife.  I highly recommend Zaina as a Midwife to anyone looking to have a home birth."
​ -Jeremy Galvan

Supported by Your Loved Ones

Birth is a Natural Process.  With Sacred Midwifery you will avoid unnecessary drug and interventions resulting in a better outcome and health for mother and baby.

Sacred Midwifery
Delivering Caring Compassionate Care to Your Home

You will have nine months to develop a relationship with your Midwife.  In addition, you will decide who attends your birth and choose the birth team and family members who make you feel comfortable and safe.

Sacred Midwifery
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Drug and Intervention Free

It's your baby, you should have it in a space you choose and control.  Listen to music, walk around and relax while you open to a new life and role as a mother.  No pressure or exposure to dangerous hospital pathogens.

Welcome to Sacred Midwifery.  I am a homebirth midwife that believes you have a right to welcome your baby into the world with gentleness and respect.  As a Certified Professional Midwife, CPM, I offer family-centered continuous care during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.  For low-risk women, a planned homebirth with a skilled midwife in attendance provides a supportive and safe environment to welcome your child into the world.

Woman are generally more able to relax and enjoy their birth when they are in the comfort of their own home surrounded by loved ones.  You will have the advantage of knowing exactly who will attend you throughout this momentous event.  I happily serve women from all walks of life and many different religious beliefs.  I currently serve the entire Greater Harrisburg area. 

Your care under Sacred Midwifery will follow the Midwives Model of Care.  I believe that birth is a spiritual experience and also very personal.  When a woman is supported to trust her body and the natural birth process, her body instinctually knows what to do.  One of the many wonderful things about birthing at home is you have the freedom to move as you need to and choose the position for labor and birth that suits you in the moment. 

With my many years of experience, I can offer advice and techniques throughout the process. We will spend time in every prenatal building a relationship of trust and respect, talking about nutrition, education, and emotional support.  It is important to acknowledge the whole family in this special time of life.  With my training, I will monitor the mother and baby throughout the childbearing year, and offer nutritional and herbal support.  

You will have caring, hands-on care and skilled support throughout labor and birth.  I will also work with the family during the postpartum time and offer any needed breastfeeding support or referral to a specialist.

I offer home birth and midwifery services in a one hour radius of Harrisburg Pa. Please contact me so we can explore your needs and options to discover how to create your families ideal and Sacred Birth.

Zaina Keeley, CPM, LM

Serving South Central Pennsylvania and the Greater Harrisburg Area

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